Leading the way for skills development

NMITE: Leading the way for skills development

Alongside being a significant centre for innovative engineering higher education, the New Model Institute for Technology & Engineering (NMITE), based in Hereford, seeks to have an impact on the region’s wider skills ecosystem, development and economy.

That’s important, because we recognise the significant role universities play within their regions, driving local economic development. They help to generate, attract, and retain talent – both to their own workforce, but also to those of businesses within the region – whilst driving innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, and supporting knowledge transfer to industry partners.

NMITE’s Springboard early career leadership programme is one example of this in action.

Participants from local businesses join us one day a month for practical workshops focused on leadership skills development facilitated by experts from within NMITE and our wider network.

Springboard responds to the challenge and cost small businesses tell us that they face in offering structured training and development in-house. By bringing together individuals from multiple businesses, NMITE helps to address this problem, offering cost-effective leadership development and networking opportunities.

Topics include:

  • managing stress and well-being;
  • communication and influencing;
  • working with others;
  • projects and organisations;
  • value creation;
  • and leadership styles.

True to NMITE’s learning-by-doing approach, sessions are interactive with participants working together, and even with actors, to simulate workplace scenarios and apply their learning. Participants gain a range of practical approaches and tools they can use to support and work with their teams at work. They are encouraged to reflect on their use of the skills in their own workplace, and to recognise the benefits of their learning, whilst also finding opportunities to apply it.

But the programme isn’t simply about developing skills: it facilitates participants in building their professional network. They meet others at a similar stage in their career from other companies, and so a supportive network is emerging, which, in turn, we hope will help the participants feel more settled and established in our region.

Participants’ feedback on the programme is very positive: “The course enables you to gain a wide variety of skills and knowledge regarding management within your organisation and widens your network professionally. You develop progressive ideas to enable your organisation to move forward within its respective industry.”

Following the success of Springboard 2022, NMITE is launching a second cohort in February, priced at £2,500 for the 12-month programme.

And if you happen to be based in Herefordshire, there’s further good news: thanks to European Social Funding, we can offer a 50% discount on that price, and 100% if you’re a third-sector organisation.

Find out more about the Springboard programme and apply here: www.nmite.ac.uk/springboard

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