Hydroscand UK: A Certified Great Place to Work

The Metal Magazine: Hydroscand UK, a Certified Great Place to Work

Every day, my newsfeed is flooded with posts from companies boasting about their latest achievements – new accreditations, awards, flashy equipment, smiling staff members, and fleets of shiny new vehicles. It’s a constant reminder that these businesses are moving forward, growing, and making strides in their respective industries.

But when I started creating video content for Hydroscand in November 2020, I got a rare behind-the-scenes look at what it truly means to make progress. I travelled to six of their nine locations to capture their growth on camera, from acquisitions to digital technology advances to their 20-year anniversary celebration. And let me tell you, it was impressive.

So when Rebecca called me up to announce their latest accreditation as ‘A Great Place to Work,’ I wasn’t surprised in the slightest. I already knew that Hydroscand was a fantastic place to work – I had seen it first-hand when I spoke with Royston in Redruth in 2020, and that same culture has been evident ever since with every other employee I’ve spoken with since. This company is on the up and up, and I’m excited to see where they go next.

Hydroscand has always been dedicated to creating a positive workplace culture that values its employees’ personal and professional growth. And that dedication has paid off – Hydroscand recently achieved certification as ‘A Great Place to Work,’ a recognition of their commitment to creating a work environment where employees feel respected, valued, and supported.

To earn this certification, Hydroscand underwent a rigorous assessment process that evaluated the company’s policies, workplace culture, and employee feedback. The responses to the survey were anonymous, but the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Several team members shared their views about the business openly, highlighting Hydroscand’s supportive, family-like environment.

Deb Wardle, Assistant Branch Manager at their Nottingham branch, shared that despite being new to the industry, she never felt lost or incapable, and always felt supported. Danny Durbin, Mobile Hose Technician at our Widnes branch, stated that this was the best job he’s ever had. Oliver Roberts, Mobile Hose Technician at their Nottingham branch, praised the work-life balance and emphasised how much the company feels like a family.

Corey Lewis, Branch Technician at their Nottingham branch, shared how the company fosters a sense of equality and teamwork among employees. Rebecca Galley expressed her gratitude to the team for their participation in Hydroscand’s first global employee survey and for creating the success of the company.

As Frida Norrbom Sams, Hydroscand Group CEO, explained, “The ‘Great Place to Work Trust Index’ measures employees’ perception of the level of trust, pride, and camaraderie within a workplace. Hydroscand UK’s certification as ‘A Great Place to Work’ underscores the company’s commitment to building strong relationships between management and employees based on credibility, respect, and fairness. Hydroscand UK is one of only five legal entities in the group to achieve this certification, and we are absolutely thrilled with this achievement.”

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