Precisely engineering their own future at Helmrick Engineers

With a change of ownership and a new General Manager in Mark Webster, Helmrick Engineers have made a bold claim to grow considerably over the next 5 years.

It’s common for engineering businesses like Helmrick to stay very traditional in their approach, and stick to what they know and who they know best. However, this is not the approach Helmrick Engineers are looking to adopt.

With a hugely experienced team and state of the art equipment, 2022 sees some big changes with the company and we had the pleasure of meeting Mark Webster to talk about why, after 17 years with one company, he’s joined the team at Helmrick.

Why Helmrick Engineers?

“One of the big things that drew me to come into Helmrick was the guys that were working here, have got masses of experience…The equipment that they’ve got and the parts that they are turning out, it’s impressive stuff.”

With a good base of regular customers and such an experienced team, Mark has plans to push the Helmrick brand out to new audiences and is keen to show what it is they do best.

“We’d like to diversify a little, add to what we’ve got on the valve body side, and diversify into other markets as well. 

“We’re a precision engineering company and it’s time that we advertise ourselves as such.”

Helmrick Engineers was founded in 1973 and predominantly specialises in sub-contract CNC turning and milling. It has an impressive reputation for the production of superior quality components ranging from valves and flanges to hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, working with OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers from across the UK.

Helmrick Engineers team member using Doosan Puma 400 CNC Turning Center

Pushing into new markets

Helmrick, have been operating for almost 50 years producing precision parts in Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, Titanium and other grades of steel. However, they have not been actively chasing new customers for many years. It’s probably a familiar story for many engineering companies across the UK, but 2022 sees a change of direction, and a drive to showcase what their business can offer to attract new clients.

Having developed a new website, Helmrick are now looking at using video to engage with new customers online and on social media by showcasing the equipment they possess, the skill-set of their employees and the quality of their business.

Embracing new technology in an old fashioned industry sector is something that may feel unnatural, but Mark said, “Having seen some of the video, it looks great. Not everyone can come and visit our site, so we hope that when people watch the videos that they like what they see and the enquiries will start rolling in.”

Helmrick Engineers team member inspecting an engineered stainless steel component

Investing in our people

One of the other key methods that Mark is hoping to use to solidify Helmrick’s growth over the next 5 years is to invest in training for their existing employees and to engage in apprenticeship schemes to bring in the next generation of engineers.

Helmrick have an excellent track record for training and retaining staff, with numerous team members having over 10 years of service and experience, and Mark plans to continue to build on that and benefit from passing on the expertise gained in those many years of experience as the business continues to grow.

Helmrick Engineers team member using a Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex-S CNC measuring machine

“We have the supply chain, the machinery and the expertise, and we can pretty much turn our hand to anything. We just need to show people what we can do. We don’t lose customers, but we have plans to grow our business, and make more people aware of what our business can offer.”

Having visited their site and seen what’s going on in person, it looks like the next few years will be an exciting journey for Mark and the team.

To find out more about Helmrick Engineers and the range of precision engineering services that they offer, visit their website:

For enquiries, you can connect with Mark Webster on LinkedIn, or contact their Sales team via email:

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