The Metal Magazine is a collection of articles, interviews, editorials and features about topics related to the metal and engineering sectors. With contributors from a variety of specialities and backgrounds, the articles give a broad view of the current and future states of engineering and the metal industry.

Our digital publication features the stories behind the careers of leading figures across the sector, developments and trends in technology, tools and techniques, and in-depth analysis and editorial comment from industry professionals and our own editorial team.

We aim to provide a clear, uncluttered, modern reading experience, without unnecessary pop-ups and intrusive tracking cookies. We hope that you will enjoy reading the articles, interviews and editorial features presented here.

The Metal Magazine was launched in 2022 as an independent source of accurate information and impartial insight. The Metal Magazine is compiled, edited and published by Comton Media, a division of Comton Group Ltd.

While the articles, interviews and features presented here are free to access, Comton Media reserves the right to insist that attribution is given to The Metal Magazine for any material provided here that is shared on other websites or social media. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of Use for further information.


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Is it really free to access this website?

Yes! Just like any other news website, we take pride in delivering useful and insightful articles to people like you who find them interesting and worthwhile.

How do you make money?

We fund The Metal Magazine entirely by selling advertising space and advertorial features. Any income that goes beyond the cost of production and distribution of the digital magazine and the cost of hosting this website is reinvested into the business so that we can continue to bring you articles from across the metal and engineering industry.

How much does it cost to advertise in the magazine?

There are varying levels of advertisement and support that we are able to offer, including basic links to company websites, advertorial-style articles, and video-based content. Rates are based on the level of work involved and the length of time that you wish the advert to feature in the magazine. Any advertorial-style articles will include an element of video production and will remain on the website indefinitely, so the cost of those will be higher accordingly. Packages are available from £1000 upwards.

Can I share the articles with my friends and colleagues?

The articles published here are usually released here on the website first and are then collated in the digital magazine for future reference and wider appeal. We will usually also syndicate the articles to our LinkedIn page. We strongly encourage you to share the articles with your community, as long as you retain the attribution references back to this website and do not attempt to alter the content or imply that it has originated elsewhere. Further information can be found in our Terms & Conditions of Use.

Can I contribute an article to the magazine?

Yes! We are always keen to hear from journalists and experts who are able to provide insightful, informative and entertaining content within the confines of the metal and engineering sectors and associated industries. Please reach out to us via email and we will be happy to discuss your ideas with you: contact@themetalmagazine.com

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