Hydroscand: Expansion during a pandemic

Hydroscand - Expansion during a pandemic

Increased productivity, higher sales, happier customers: Clever investments mean that business is booming at Hydroscand UK.

In the last two years, Hydroscand have seized the opportunities presented by the CoVID-19 pandemic to improve, expand and strengthen their organisation.

Jason Byrne and Deb Wardle, the branch manager and assistant branch manager at their Nottingham site respectively, have overseen the creation of a new production line, to produce hose kits and hose assemblies on-site and provide even swifter service to their visiting customers.

“It became apparent that to continue to provide our excellent levels of customer service and efficiency, we would need to invest in restructuring our team and equipment,” Jason told us in January 2022.

“We decided that the best long-term solution would be to relocate our production space into the right-hand side of the warehouse. This would allow us to install an additional production area, that could be used solely to produce hose kits and hose assemblies for our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers.”

As soon as the team were able to return to work under safe, socially-distanced conditions, they got straight to work and took advantage of the necessity to create a more open workspace.

The team ordered two new hose cutters, a H120 swaging machine, and a brand new H60 swaging machine that has a 350-ton crimping force and can handle hoses up to 4″ in diameter. Accompanied by a new turntable, crane lift, rails and stands, new epoxy flooring and a variety of electrical work, the scheme cost £50,000 and took around 8 weeks to complete.

The production lines have increased productivity by 140%

Rebecca Galley
Rebecca Galley in the new production area at the Nottingham branch of Hydroscand

“The introduction of the lines has meant that we can use the equipment in the branch area purely for our walk-in customers at the trade counter, meaning that we can provide a fast, efficient and uninterrupted service.

“The production side of the business has continued to grow, and the new dedicated lines have been in constant use every working day since being installed. It has made the process of making hoses and hose kits much faster and more efficient.”

The production lines have increased productivity by 140%, and their introduction has meant that they now have the capacity to take on new customers.

Rebecca Galley, Managing Director of Hydroscand UK, added: “It has been great to work with the team at the Nottingham branch on this project. They have identified the need for dedicated production space and designed the solution themselves. The new facility gives more than double the capacity we had previously as well as meaning we can work safely and efficiently to serve our customers. Well done to everyone involved!”

Speaking more broadly about the company as a whole, Rebecca explained that as well as improving their existing facilities, they have recently acquired Euro Hydraulics Mobile Ltd and JC Mobile Hydraulics Ltd to expand their business into new regions, and are ambitiously looking to continue acquiring further businesses. They’ve also expanded their fleet of mobile service vehicles and are actively recruiting new staff.

A strong range of products, knowledgeable and customer-focused staff, and the support of a multi-national parent company are all good indicators of continued success and growth. Rebecca expects that the company will have increased turnover by 70% by the end of 2022, and believes that the outlook is looking bright for the future.

You can connect with Rebecca Galley on LinkedIn, and find out more about Hydroscand UK by visiting their website: www.hydroscand.co.uk

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